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Four common challenges faced by Start-ups globally –

by Darshana J

Challenge 1: Right “DIRECTION”

Setting goals and priorities. It should start with “Vision” and “Mission” of the organisation. This is most essential as Vision will set goals and Mission will set priorities for your team. Their passion will revolve around these statements. It inspires and motivates them and sets them on right path.

Challenge 2: Getting a “RIGHT” Founder Team together and keeping them together

This is most important of all as getting together a right team can be very difficult for an Entrepreneur even though they know exactly what they are looking for. It is essential to get people with similar vision and passion than someone who adds expertise. As you can always hire an expert on something but if you don’t find people with similar frequency and wavelength as yours who believe in your vision and idea, you will end up spending most of your time in unnecessary disputes and non-productive arguments.

Challenge 3: Who is my right “CUSTOMER” 

Talk to your people who will use your product. Observe how they use your product. Get into their shoes and understand pros and cons of your product without becoming biased about it. You need to absolutely know for whom your product is “Good to have” and for whom its “Must have” as this will make all the difference when you go out in the market to finally sell it.

Challenge 4: Where to get starting “FINANCE”

There are many ways to get finance in your Start-up but you should know what exactly you wish to achieve. Many options of getting “Finance” leads to either getting your idea out in the market for others to copy or leads you to pivot from your “Vision” and “Mission”. Hence, you need to be clear which Financial options you prefer to take to achieve your dreams.

Note: Please do share your experiences, I would be happy to connect and interview you if you found good solutions to the above challenges in your own start-up.


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