Books are the most precious and the most expensive part of one’s education. However, many children are unable to afford to buy new books from either the school or the market.

If your child has passed out successfully, you could either donate them to needy children through us or re-sell them at half the price. Thus, you would be fetching more than what you can if you just sell them to a local junk dealer (kabadiwala). Not only that, this gesture of yours would also give you a ‘good samaritan’ status. From the environment point of view too, there will be less number of new books under circulation, leading to a fewer books being junked finally.

We will show you how to make this possible. You could write to us at with “Donating my child’s books” in the Subject matter. Please ensure to give full details of the books (Title, Standard, Curriculum), your Name, Contact number and the locality nearest to you. We will publish this on our site where parents of many a students visit regularly. In case, you are re-selling, please mention the prices too.

Thank you all for your patronage!