How to Tackle Office Politics?

Diplomacy and politics have been inseparable parts of human existence ever since the first tribedoms were formed. As civilization progressed, so did man’s thirst for superiority. It was this instinct that gave birth to the concepts of chieftains, sub-chiefs and ministers. Zooming into the modern day set up when granite floors and concrete walls define civilization, we realize that professionals working in offices are not strangers to office politics.

Here are the vital pointers to keep in mind if you want to sail through the jarring office politics that could make you bite some dust—

Live for yourself – As much as in life, so also in office life, you need to follow this Art of Living diktat very closely. No matter what your subordinates or boss says, your job needs to be satisfactory for the self. Yes, some colleague-gossip and sips of tea over a round table could be inspiring, yet you need to know where to draw the line.

Have a clear agenda– You cannot plan too much, can you? However, you can take up short-term agendas for work towards fulfilling these to judge your progress. Remember, it is the lion that has enemies in hyenas. Office politics will entail a chain of sycophants who will intend to pull you down. However, some criticism is akin to direct encouragement, right?

Make sure you have a firm footing—It does not help to sway away with the slightest poke. Remembering this can do you well at office. We know that some colleague could be off-putting by her dislike for your promptness but why bother? Simply ignoring snubs and remarks about your performances could let you focus better on performing with more gusto.

Listen to gossips from colleagues but do not react – It is good to be a part of gossip-mongers, but certainly not advisable to react to what they gossip about. If you do react to what they say, would mean that you concur with them, thus you will be made a scapegoat in the process.

It is not advised that you brand your gossip-mongering colleagues as foes or conspirators. You are no Caesar after all. Taking office politics as a part of your professional life is the most sensible thing to do. Remember, your performance and figures are what decide your promotion and package. Politics will not die down—why would you let your vigour wither away

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