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I remember my first job as a Principal. The Principal before me had suddenly gained a position in a larger school and I was asked to take over from him. I had never been in a senior leadership position before and I remember the multitude of feelings and anxieties that raced
through my mind during the few weeks before he left. Luckily, I had a wonderful staff who gave me lots of encouragement and support, and I steadily grew into the job.

No doubt I made many mistakes along the way. Although I took advantage of some excellent one-off instances of training available to me over the years, there was no single comprehensive package of training available for new Principals. So it was through trial and error and with good counsel and intuition that I honed my skills and knowledge, over many years, into a craft that finally has integrity and, satisfyingly, quality.

Over my twenty years as a Principal of small and large schools in three different countries, I have been fortunate enough to gain insights into some universal and fundamental truths about leadership and management that apply across cultures and systems. They are simple and few in theory but elusive and challenging in practice, constantly being veiled, hijacked or diminished by the demands and needs of the moment. As an experienced advisor to school Principals, I understand what makes a good school and feel there is a need to communicate this to all who wish to create one.

It occurred to me that newly appointed Principals, aspiring Principals and their often inexperienced educational employers may appreciate practical advice from someone who has been in the job for a substantial period of time and has gained knowledge of what works well in most
situations. With this in mind, I have put together this eclectic gathering of theory and practice, which has been honed and, increasingly, distilled over a long time by myself and many other Principals.

It is important to acknowledge that the frameworks, policies, procedures, approaches and models that appear in this book are not all my original ideas and do not necessarily belong to me.

They have been gathered over the years from a wide range of sources, including the generous training provided by my various employers and the collective wisdom of colleagues, as well as having arisen from the many trials by fire that I experienced.

If you remain focused, persistent and consistent in using them, they will empower you, as a new or aspiring Principal, to build thriving cultures of high performance and development and to anticipate and minimise the consequences of common pitfalls along the way. They will also lead
employers to a greater understanding of the challenges that Principals face in their everyday working life and the enormity of the role. This will allow employers to have greater empathy with Principals.
Greg Flattley

Greg Flattley

A Practical Manual for Principals

'A Practical Manual for Principals' by Greg Flattley. Greg has 28 years of experience as a head of schools, school principal, project manager, trainer and education consultant in Australia, Cambodia, Cameroon, Indonesia and the Middle East. He has led advisory teams to affect education reform in government and private systems and worked in the full range of pre-tertiary schools, both small and large.

Usha Narayanan

Can love survive office power-play and politics? With goofy colleagues, a busy career and juicy gossip to fill her days, feisty journalist Freida doesn’t really crave romance. Men are such fools anyway, including ‘good friend’ Geek, who appears to have fallen for a sneaky coworker. But steamy kisses and a romp in bed turn Frieda’s equation with him upside down. To complicate matters, her treacherous ex and psycho boss combine to pull off fraud and unleash a wave of layoffs in a bid to take over the media empire. Tension builds as Freida and Geek gird up for the final showdown. Can nice guys ever win? Will love carry the day?

Usha Narayanan

Love, Lies and Layoffs

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