Education vs Experience— The More Essential of the Two Es

When was it the last time you were lauded for being average? Alternatively, do you remember a time remotely recent that students were not associated with the word ‘competition’? For the present generation, education is seen as a way of gaining a ticket to success. Higher the grades to marks, the better are the prospects associated with your career. However, the most amazing thought crossing our mind here is do we at all realize that education and degree are not always correlated? Yes, in the basic cases, school terms are seen as a breeding ground for instilling education. However, as years pass the way we judge an educated person is by his/her behavioural and personality traits.

To put in the words of Swami Vivekananda, education does not mean having read a shelf of books. It means to have instilled lessons we learnt from these books. In today’s rat race where giants are lacing it out in the job market the vital questions that stare us in the face is how important is education alone for success? Does experience topped up with the right degree signify more chances of success? Or does a fresher with some great educational background suffice in the job mart against grey-haired pros?

Perhaps, the answer to this is not as direct as the questions. At the opening of the blog states, education is by for a subjective definition. A man’s education in the career niche is proven by his ability to attune his skills to work needs. Flaunting top degrees without the right skills or attitude gets you nowhere.

However, when the scales are put on experience, this does make a man better prepared to tackle work issues. It is not for nothing that white haired professionals stand a better footing in office over green-fingered freshers. The fact remains that experience gained through climbing ladders tends to instill skills such as strong decision-making and the ability to lead.

This does in no way signifies that education comes secondary in the context of attaining success at work. A ship without a rudder goes nowhere. Similarly, an educated man without experience is stagnant in growth. For some dynamism, professionals need to give in some years before they are banked upon as dependable assets to their organization

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  1. Susannah Says :

    Posted on December 3, 2016 at 2:04 pm

    Gabrielle, I agree with you 100%. Anyone who is willing to take a risk and do what is right is a hero in my book, even if that hero is;1782&#nt recognized for his or her efforts. The fruits of their labors will bloom when the time is right. And the harvest will be oh so sweet.

  2. Designers And You Says :

    Posted on December 22, 2016 at 1:36 pm

    After having done my studies I finally realized that experience is far better to attain but education is something tat cannot be neglected. However one needs both in life to be successful.

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